• Monthly Digest, June 2021

    Monthly Digest, June 2021

    Dear IKAHAN friends, I would like to start by conveying my sincere heartfelt sympathy to the families of those lost on KRI Nanggala. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the broader TNI community. Lest we forget. Kepada sahabat IKAHAN yang terhormat, Izinkan saya memulai dengan menyampaikan bela sungkawa sedalam-dalamnya kepada pahlawan KRI...

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  • Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa

    Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa

    Kepada sahabat IKAHAN, IKAHAN mengucapkan Marbahan Ya Ramadhan. Jadikan Ramadhan sebagai momentum mempererat silaturahmi, persatuan dan kesatuan, agar kita senantiasa menjadi Tetangga, Mitra, Sahabat, Abadi. Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa. --- To friends of IKAHAN, IKAHAN wishes you a Happy Holy Ramadhan. Let Ramadhan be the month for us to strengthen our friendship, harmony and togetherness as Neighbours,...

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  • Dirgahayu TNI AU

    Dirgahayu TNI AU

    We warmly congratulate TNI AU on a major milestone - 75 years of proud and distinguished service. A great achievement for our close neighbours, friends and partners. Happy 75th Birthday TNI AU!

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  • Monthly Digest, March 2021

    Monthly Digest, March 2021

    To our IKAHAN members and your families, On behalf of IKAHAN, Defence Staff Jakarta wish you and your families a safe month of March in 2021. While our bilateral defence program remains paused for face-to-face engagement, we have been active in keeping connected virtually, especially our defence senior leaders. Kepada anggota IKAHAN...

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  • A Glance at Indonesia-Australia Bilateral Relations

    A Glance at Indonesia-Australia Bilateral Relations

    Friendship, support, and cooperation have marked 70 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Australia. Over this time, a number of figures from both neighboring countries have contributed to shape, define and direct this meaningful relationship. Indonesia-Australia relations were forged from the advent of Indonesian independence. Australia is one of...

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