• Dirgahayu PMPP TNI Ke-15

    Dirgahayu PMPP TNI Ke-15

    Happy 15th Anniversary of the TNI Peacekeeping Mission Center #PMPPTNI, preparing Professional, Adaptive and Impartial Peacekeeping Troops. We welcome even closer cooperation in the future with our new exchange instructors 🇦🇺🤝🇮🇩 #moresecuretogether Selamat HUT ke-15 Pusat Misi Pemeliharaan Perdamaian TNI #PMPPTNI, mempersiapkan Pasukan Penjaga Perdamaian yang Professional, Adaptive dan...

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  • IKAHAN Calendar 2022

    IKAHAN Calendar 2022

    Dear IKAHAN members, Happy New Year! IKAHAN Calendar 2022 is available now. You can download the printable file here. Selamat beraktifitas dan sukses selalu.

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  • Monthly Digest, December 2021

    Monthly Digest, December 2021

    To my friends, partners and colleagues in the IKAHAN family, it is with the utmost respect, privilege and honour that I conclude my tenure as the Australian Defence Attaché Jakarta. During my three years as Defence Attaché, I have met with many IKAHAN members and sincerely appreciate your efforts in...

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  • Monthly Digest, October 2021

    Monthly Digest, October 2021

    Click Here To our IKAHAN friends, colleagues and partners, approaching the TNI 76th birthday on 5 October, on behalf of the Australian Defence Team here in Jakarta, I would like to express my sincere congratulations. Despite COVID-19 our two defence forces are sustaining our people-to-people links and restarting key exercises. Kepada...

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  • Dirgahayu TNI ke-76

    Dirgahayu TNI ke-76

    Ikatan Alumni Pertahanan Indonesia-Australia mengucapkan DIRGAHAYU TNI ke-76 Bersatu, Berjuang, Kita Pasti Menang

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  • Monthly Digest, June 2021

    Monthly Digest, June 2021

    Dear IKAHAN friends, I would like to start by conveying my sincere heartfelt sympathy to the families of those lost on KRI Nanggala. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the broader TNI community. Lest we forget. Kepada sahabat IKAHAN yang terhormat, Izinkan saya memulai dengan menyampaikan bela sungkawa sedalam-dalamnya kepada pahlawan KRI...

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