• Quarterly Digest, June 2023

    Quarterly Digest, June 2023

    Brigadier Matt Campbell Australian Defence Attaché A visit to Jakarta by Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Defence Minister Richard Marles soon followed, and we were very thankful that Minister Prabowo hosted DPM for lunch prior to calling on Indonesian Vice President, Mr Ma’ruf Amin Selanjutnya, Wakil Perdana Menteri Australia yang juga Menhan Australia,...

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  • Quarterly Digest, March 2023

    Quarterly Digest, March 2023

    Brigadier Matt Campbell Australian Defence Attaché As you can imagine, AUKUS was a significant announcement, and it was important to take the time to explain what this means for our bilateral relationship and for our region. Pengumuman ini (AUKUS) sangat signifikan sehingga diperlukan adanya penjelasan mengenai pentingnya hal ini bagi hubungan bilateral dan...

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  • Kilas Balik 2022

    Kilas Balik 2022

    Download IKAHAN is proud to release the latest edition of KILAS BALIK, our annual publication that highlights the year in review and celebrates our close cooperation. -- IKAHAN dengan bangga merilis Kilas Balik edisi terbaru, publikasi tahunan kami yang menyoroti ulasan kegiatan selama satu tahun dan merayakan kerja sama kita yang erat.

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  • Quarterly Digest, December 2022

    Quarterly Digest, December 2022

    Brigadier Matt Campbell Australian Defence Attaché Our visits to HMAS Stirling to discuss submarine crew escape and safety cooperation, and our being hosted at Campbell Barracks by the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) for the HLC meeting were real highlights. Kunjungan ke pangkalan HMAS Stirling untuk mendiskusikan kerjasama keselamatan dan pengamanan awak kapal...

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  • Quarterly Digest, June 2022

    Quarterly Digest, June 2022

    Brigadier Matt Campbell Australian Defence Attaché Welcome to our next edition of the IKAHAN Quarterly Digest! We hope that this month finds you and your families safe and in good health after the holy month of Ramadhan. Kembali lagi kita bertemu di edisi terbaru IKAHAN Quarterly Digest! Saya sangat berharap edisi bulan ini...

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  • Quarterly Digest, February 2022

    Quarterly Digest, February 2022

    Brigadier Matt CampbellAustralian Defence Attaché Happy New Year to the IKAHAN family! We hope that 2022 finds you and your families safe and in good health. We also hope that this year offers even more opportunity for us to meet and continue the great tradition of sharing our knowledge and friendship...

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